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5 Ways to Unlock New Value From HubSpot Data.

Emma Kessinger

February 15th , 2021

No modern marketing platform is as popular as HubSpot. But without processes like ETL, it’s tough to get the full value out of HubSpot Data. HubSpot provides inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software ideal for small to midsize businesses. The platform helps companies grow by using data to predict and prioritize the needs of customers and prospects.   Considering that data-driven approaches make businesses up to 6% more profitable than competitors, companies should st...

Maximizing A Qualtrics ETL Integration.

Emma Kessinger

February 01st , 2021

Qualtrics offers a customizable survey software solution. With more than 9,000 clients, Qualtrics helps companies collect data on a huge range of topics, including customer experience, market research, and recruitment.  Five tools make up the core of Qualtrics’ software:  CustomerXMfrom Qualtrics, a platform for management of the customer experience EmployeeXM from Qualtrics, an HR tool that helps companies keep tabs on their culture and team ProductXM from Qualtrics, which ena...

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