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Understanding the Legwork for Data Visualization .

Emma Kessinger

April 27th , 2020

The 21st century has been hailed as the “Age of Information,” and it’s not hard to see why — around 7.5 septillion gigabytes are generated every single day. With such a huge amount of data within reach, how are you expected to make sense of it all? Thankfully, new tools are being developed all the time to help people develop an understanding of their data. One of the greatest assets any business person has when it comes to getting a grasp on all the numbers is data visualization, or t...

The Anatomy of an Effective ETL Process.

Emma Kessinger

April 13th , 2020

You know the value of ETL. You know you’re ready to invest in it. But you may not know how the rubber meets the road: What does an ETL process look like, and what are the key things to think about when building one? ETL’s acronym provides the thousand-foot process view: For a program to extract, transform, and load your data; it needs to know what data to ingest, what format that data should be in, and where to store the converted information.  But while that general process applies t...

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