Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact software, specializing in inbound and outbound call center software. The company has over 2,000 customers located worldwide. It also manages more than three billion interactions every year. The contact platform is completely customizable, reliable, and secure. To optimize its intelligent cloud contact services, you must tap into its ecosystem of partners that supply CRM, workplace, management, telephony, and additional services.

How the Five9 ETL Works

When you integrate ETLrobot with your Five9 account, you can pull data about users, campaigns, contacts, worksheets, call logs, and more. Accessing this type of information from within your data warehouse provides a better understanding of your ACD statistics as well as agent and call center performance.

Frequently asked questions

How can using Five9 and ETLrobot together improve my call center experience?

Having structured data from unstructured sources like call logs, campaigns, and users can show you how to properly staff your call center when it is the busiest time of the week or day. Plus, the structured data findings can show you where your agents may require more training.

How do I integrate my Five9 account with ETLrobot?

With your ETLrobot, you simply let it know you want it to login to your Five9 account and then you provide that access through a few clicks.

How can ETLrobot help me understand my call center users?

ETLrobot can uncover patterns in users’ responses, questions, and responses that may guide how you alter your training programs or inform your marketing and sales departments on new interests or issues.

How do I see metrics from call reports?

All the information you need from your call reports will still be in your own data warehouse. ETLrobot has just rearranged the data into a format that makes those call reports easier to understand and query.

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