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Salesforce is one of the world’s most popular CRM tools. Used by companies of all sizes, this CRM platform allows companies to build contact lists through multiple accounts, categorize the lists into leads, and mark those leads as opportunities. Despite its popularity and the extensive amount of data it collects, the Salesforce dashboard only provides you with a minimal list of metrics from which to learn about your prospects, leads, and existing customers.

How the Salesforce ETL Works

By applying ETLrobot to your Salesforce account, you’ll gain new insights from data about accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and existing customers. The information can help you determine which lead sources are working and why and which are being underutilized. The integration gives you a way to visualize historical trends in your CRM data, including where you need to make improvements in operations, strategy, and content. Merging marketing, sales, and support data into one data warehouse can uncover even more changes you’ll need to implement to optimize your investment in sales and marketing.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of integrating Salesforce data with ETLrobot?

You will save time and money by not having to develop your own data warehouse structure or process for collecting and organizing all the data in one place. Plus, by merging this CRM data with other available data, you’ll have an even clearer picture about your business and its performance.

What type of use cases can I leverage with this integration?

Use cases include a one dashboard view of everything from leads and opportunities to accounts and deals data to segmentation and personalization insights. You’ll also be able to see individual sales team performance down to each interaction and across specific touchpoints. In doing so, you will gain a better understanding of your acquisition funnels to make the necessary changes to marketing and sales tactics.

What Salesforce data sources can I gain new insights from?

Tap into Salesforce data sources like accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and users. You’ll discover which data sources are converting and which aren’t as well as why so you can make the necessary changes.

What if I have problems integrating Salesforce data with ETLrobot?

Be sure to check our documentation library where you will find documentation that guides you through troubleshooting any issues with integrating Salesforce and ETLrobot.

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