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3 Ways ETL Can Strengthen Your Shopify Site.

Emma Kessinger

April 02nd , 2020

One of the most popular e-commerce tools out there is Shopify. But how do clients like Budweiser, Gymshark, and Tesla get so much value out of it? Shopify is a subscription-based software service that gives businesses the ability to sell, ship, and manage their products online. From startups to big corporations, millions of companies across the world use Shopify to connect with their customers. Shopify is a no-code tool. For non-technical users, that means Shopify can open the door on all ...

5 Ways to Unlock New Value From HubSpot Data.

Emma Kessinger

March 18th , 2020

No modern marketing platform is as popular as HubSpot. But without processes like ETL, it’s tough to get the full value out of it. HubSpot provides inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software ideal for small to midsize businesses. The platform helps companies grow by using data to predict and prioritize the needs of customers and prospects.   Considering that data-driven approaches make businesses up to 6% more profitable than competitors, companies should strive to ma...

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