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How ETL Can Light the Way on LinkedIn Insights.

Emma Kessinger

July 08th , 2020

LinkedIn is not merely a networking platform where professionals make connections. It also gives companies an opportunity to advertise their products and services to an educated, affluent audience. Whether it’s video, images, or text, sponsored content can play a role in an effective LinkedIn ad campaign.  But if you aren’t sure it’s effective, why keep spending money on ads? And why bother trying to gather data on recruiting if you don’t have the resources to make sense of it?  ...

4 Tips for Tweaking Your App With Apple App Store ETL.

Emma Kessinger

June 25th , 2020

Apps have been making our lives easier since the Apple App Store first opened to the public in 2008. Apps like Lyft help us get around, while Candy Crush and Angry Birds keep us entertained.  Whether you already have an app or are looking to build one, you’re probably building for Apple iOS. For iOS apps, App Store data can provide key clues. Within it, you’ll find user reviews and app details like downloads.  To truly understand how apps compare in terms of popularity and performanc...

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