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What Five9 Data Needs a Deeper Look?.

Emma Kessinger

November 05th , 2020

For those who are unfamiliar, Five9 is the industry leader in cloud-based call center software. It utilizes data storage and analysis to help companies improve their customer service approaches. Their software also enables agents to perform their jobs to their best ability no matter where they are.  When your company is using Five9 to improve their customer service, you’ll want to look at the data it provides to unlock your company’s full potential. Here are 5 pieces of data Five9 provid...

4 Best Practices for Naming Your Business Data.

Emma Kessinger

September 29th , 2020

Businesses in 2020 run on data as much as they run on cash or electricity. Facts and figures can be turned into revenue more easily than ever, so investing in the former can lead to big returns of the latter. In today’s digital world, businesses can’t afford to muddle or lose track of any of their data. If data is not properly tagged, labeled, and stored, it might as well be lost. While extracting and transforming your data is a complicated process, naming can be relatively simple — if ...

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