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5 Signs That It’s Time to Invest in ETL.

Emma Kessinger

December 21st , 2019

How much more data does your business generate than it did in 2016? Twice as much? Ten times as much? Statistically speaking, it’s probably closer to 43 times as much.  Experts predicted that between 2016 and 2020, annual data production would grow by 4,300%. The world is dealing with more data than ever, and that trend is set to continue well into the future. The trouble is, data doesn’t deliver insights when it’s just sitting there. You need to consolidate and convert it into a u...

Do More With Data: 4 Reasons to Use ETLrobot.

Emma Kessinger

December 10th , 2019

By 2020, the Big Data market is projected to grow to twice the size it was just five years ago. Invest in it, and you could see an 8% increase in revenue and a 10% decrease in costs. More data means better decisions, but do not forget that truth’s “if”: Data improves decisions if that data is analyzed well.  Wrangling your company’s data first requires you to get it all in one place. That process, known as ETL (short for “extract, transform, and load”) involves pulling data f...

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