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Google Analytics is one of the leading analytics tools used in business today. To make it easy to use, Google gives every website a free analysis tool to help website owners see where their visitors come from, how they arrived, and what they do when they are on the website. What Google doesn’t do is make it easy to extract that data. Plus, Google Analytics has a plain dashboard with limited responses about your website data

How the Google Analytics ETL Works

Now, you can use the ETL process to get performance data from Google Analytics about campaigns, mobile, traffic acquisition, keywords, and landing pages. You’ll also learn more about how specific website pages perform, devices used to access your website, and available SEO opportunities. Other insights might include identifying referrals that will convert or website pages that have the greatest engagement rate. What you discover integrating ETLrobot can inform your marketing efforts and improve your understanding of why and how your visitors engage with your content, products or services, and brand.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using the Google Analytics ETLrobot integration?

The benefits include building a comprehensive data infrastructure for digital analytics in a matter of minutes versus months. You can also save time that you might have otherwise spent on pulling and modeling data for analysis when this ETLrobot integration takes care of it for you.

How does it help improve my business intelligence efforts?

The Google Analytics ETLrobot integration also improves business intelligence. You can use it with other major business intelligence software to get further insights and add detail to your business picture. Insights include understanding metrics related to churn so you can make better decisions about business operations and management.

How can I use the data once Google Analytics and ETLrobot are integrated?

You can get query analytics-ready website data about engagement with just a click of a button. You can also look at website activity and revenue by segments that align with your marketing and sales goals. You can also combine website engagement data with data from billing and multi-channel touchpoints to identify which channels and campaigns yield the most or least leads and revenue.

Do I need to have any scripting or coding skills to leverage this integration?

No, you don’t need to know scripting or coding to take advantage of this integration.

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